Who We are

Education Point was not started out of a bolt from the blue, rather it was started by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs to systemise the process of admissions and help the students in choosing their most competent career choice in a transformative and technically most efficient way.
Our motto is to provide the most competent career choice admissions for the students.We believe in the motto if the path is right everything is right..If the path is wrong everything is wrong.So making the students choosing right path for their career is our duty with utmost sincerity and dedication. We are not typical l street brokers that lure the students with chocolates and toys and barbie dolls like items to get the admissions done, rather we guide the students with our mostly experienced technical manpower and guide them about the practical real life scenario.

Think of admission, Think of Education Point.

A very young at the same time experienced and robust team with extremely competent technical knowledge to guide the student of every aspects of admissions.